Thursday, September 24, 2009

just like that...

Watched "the ugly truth" - went without expectations- even the hero dint look attractive enough to entice - anyhow but due to lack of options i went.
I found the language thoroughly offensive
BUT (now thats a big but) i laughed my heart out... may be its the punch or the delivery...i njoyed it just too much...


Should comments on facebook be taken personally?!
How do you tell someone that u dont agree with the thoughts they are endorsing without realting it to them in anyway...


I am frequenting bangalore just too much and my system is a flop one which hangs every now and then and so... I am blogging so less....anyways another important reason- i am playing a lot of facebook games and enjoying it...i think i can live my entire life playing these games and ofcourse the new ones that I am sure will keep on coming!

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