Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ICICI credir card is horrible!!!!

Its the angst i feel that gets me to visit my blog to write time and again..
this time its the credit card...
The icici credit card I hold has a credit limit of 66k and behaving myself last month i didnt overspent(atleast on my credit card) and managed to be maintain a credit balance of arnd 6k...
Well my mom was interetsed in buying of smthng in gold for herself and I decided to use my hard effort saved credit balance and splurge in there...
I gave my credit card to swipe and mount of something arnd 26k and the transaction was declined to my utter surprise..well this happened twice thrice...i called up customer care and we are all aware after a good full 5 min I was able to speak to someone in there who simply told me that your swipe was stalled for security reason and instructed me that dont keep on trying but try after 10 min..it will be APPROVED(yeah to spend withing my credit limit they are giving me an approval- wat an honour)..
adding to my humiliation it dint work again after 11-12 min(yes i was counting every minute as it was a humiliation that the credit card company subjected me to)

AGain it was declined and again after trying to reach for a customer care(they should change teh name to customer harrasment) the guy proudly tole me u can buy only worth 20 k of gold(wat on earth.......)
i kept on telling him its none of his business how much i swipe till its in my limit... but NO the self appointed credit Limiter had put a limit on my pre approved credit limit!!!
To my utter dismay the card was declined again even for my approved 20K...bl^&&* H&*$ ...
What on earth these companies think of themselves?? I have never defaluted on my credit card payment and this is what i get in return!!!
I have decided to close ICICI credit card and switch to someone else!!! and yes I will keep badmouthing ICICI at every avaialble opportunity!!!


  1. HSBC. I did 28K transaction for gold sometime back :)

  2. Banks mint money with Credit Card holders who do not pay on time. Hence people like us, who pay the amount in proper time, are kind of bad customers to the bank from whom the bank doesn't get much.
    That's a sad fact.

    Go for Standard Chartered (I have Manhattan card) or Citibank. Good service.
    I recently swiped for 35k and it went smoothly.

    But you have to keep an eye on the extra charges they put at times.
    However if you keep a watch and question them (if they do put charges), they'll revert the transaction back too.

    They are in this business to con and make money.

  3. Sigh!!! I can understand... these stupid companies and their bloody rules... I have not had issues with Citibank... try it.

  4. well, it can happen in any bank... all banks have some twists in credit cards... which harass customers in some way or other... But yea, urs is by far the greatest i v come across.

    If ur switching , try STANCHART PLATINUM... dey cud charge u more , but they will always lend u da money !

  5. Weird why would they care what you use your credit on... this guy i share the apartment with got a card today, one he never applied for, where they were giving him 300 bucks of credit with some 70 bucks as annual fees... they are giving him virtually no credit and charging him for it too :), wonder how this will go down if he does manage to miss a payment!

  6. @aneesh: eggzactly that was my question to them, but they had no answer except form providng me security(may be me spending my own money is a threat to me!!!)
    No proper response!!