Tuesday, November 10, 2009

forgive and forget!

sometimes the closest ones of urs upset u and u cant forgive them for the rest of the life...
sometimes ur friends /acquaintances do something really bad that upsets you and u just let go of it after sometime...

Y is it difficult to forgive and forget what ur closest ones have done but easier for others... they are also just humans...


  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Forgiving has all its fingers in the pie called ego; Forgetting has attachment and expectation as its cousins.

    So the 'forgive and forget' equation is basically factored by Attachment, Expectation and Ego. How much you forgive and how much you forget depends on how close to you are the 'cousins' and how many of those cousin's 'fingers' are still dipped in the pie.

  2. @anon: quite complex for me to understand!!

  3. Regular Visitor9:38 PM

    Quite complex!! Hmm.. thats exactly how 'forgive and forget' is.