Monday, December 28, 2009

money can buy me!!!

The most popular song running in my mind nowadays (my mind has its own popularity chart which runs multiple songs at a given time) is "kyun paisa paisa karti hai ...paise per kyun marti hai..." from de dana dan..
Its a tuf question to answer..why we want money...all of us know that we would have more comfort once we have lots of money but that will also involve a lot of management...and will we ever get enuf of it (money not management)...

Sometime ago i read a story (a forward) abt some fisherman living in some coastal area (guess it was in USA) who lazed around most of the day enjoying their lives with their families and friends..and fished just to fulfill their necessities..and then a city person-an MBA to be more accurate(yet another joke on us MBAs) came down telling them that they should fish more often..which will lead to more money, multiple houses, more comfort more .... at the end leading to more time for them to spend with their friends and family - Essentially what they were doing anyways...
So the moral of story is that we are running behind things which will help us getting things which we dont realise we already have!!!

Well I came to think of money is because I am trying to use adsense on my blog-very obvious duh!! and even though I have written about many many topics only one seems to be cacthing the whole ads attention - my credir(I misspelt in the title of post) card horror story...
Money (or relatives) seems to be popular even here!!

PS: the title is the response to the question in the song mentioned at the beginning!


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    i thought the answer in that song was "No money can buy me" !

  2. hey anon - check it again..i did and i still think i m correct :)

  3. I think there are two pieces of me.One buyable and another not :)
    Liked the post though. Glad to know you r back to b'lore and all that. Hope (and plz pray for me) that I would also be back there in some decent time. Completed one year in this infernal place.

  4. @jani: Thanks!
    i thought u liked it there...with all that cycling around!! :)
    Hoping and praying for your restoration to bangalore ;)

  5. Anonymous3:18 AM

    The lyrics is like this:
    (My lover why cant you see
    I am not the girl you want me to be
    My love is priceless baby
    No money can buy me) -2


  6. @anon: ok boss!! to me it sounded like this so had put this up....

  7. I thought that you already answered the question by putting in adsense to you blog :)

  8. @Merlin: its not an easy question to answer!! ;)

  9. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Well i would say strike a balance ... enough fishes for the good and bad times and enough time to enjoy them with family :) simple..

  10. @anon: thnx for d advice!!