Thursday, February 04, 2010

tweet post!

old habit dies hard..for me one of the oldest habits is curiosity...
so whenever i come across something new(which seems comprehensible enuf and non techie enuf)i try to figure it out..
So i joined twitter in early 09sometime...and it took me almost a year now to become active on it.. :)
The most enjoyable factor of twitter is u can read thoughts of people without being in touch with them(case in point celebs i am following).some of their thoughts are really interesting ranging from topics of politics to highly imaginative..
and twitter helps me to get to know the celeb in person how he/she is which was not possible due to the clouds created by media and otherwise till sometime ago..and yes it definitely feels gud to know about a person..
I guess twitter can also help people identify their role models as there are lesser chances of getting highly unpleasant surprises about their fav icon through a scam or scandal..
Some of the people i follow on twitter are:
SRK- i like the way he responds to his followers questions..with slashes in between..sometimes it does make for a very intersting read..i do the guess the question part of it..
Anand Mahindra: he appears on twitter as his image- simple/honest and intelligent..
Barkha dutt/Vir Sanghvi/Pritish Nandy- just for their relation to news formulation and opinions (at times)
Anupam Kher- havent found very interesting or thought provoking tweets yet..but still havent lost the hope..
PreityZinta/Kunal Kapoor/KJ- for their glam factor...
And ofcourse the political twitter- Shashi Tharoor- Intersting &informative tweets..
I do have some celebs who i can easily drop off after following them for a couple of days now- AB's baby(he is boring)..Shahid Kapoor(unfortunately he is self promoting only- now i think Kareena took the right decision)

I wish the following will start twittering soon:
Salman khan/Sushmita Sen- i think and hope their view wud be intersting and intelligent....
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