Thursday, February 04, 2010

Twitter again..

when the river of thought flows..better not stop here is the next post about my tweets:
What do i tweet- anything
I have tweeted 41 times in last 1 year of which 95% in last 1 month :)
only 5-6 are retweets..i like original content:
my fav tweets ( even now i think these are thoughts worth tweeting)

what will interviewers do now when we can listen to celebs thru their tweets and more authentic..

wondering like tharoor nehru would have been one of the first leader to tweet (had it been available then)!

...(none others gud enuf ..for thought provoking but just about myriad work and difficulties i am involved with mostly)

and ofcourse i loved it when i could tweet about the solar eclipse i soon as i came back to my system...

Fav Retweets:
from SRK:
"......first rule of public speaking...if u don't strike oil in 3 mins...stop boring ! "

From Pritish Nandy:
".We live in the Age of Time Pass. Nothing is important enough, valuable enough to pursue or stay with. We flit from topic to topic."

Thats how short my twitter life is!! :(
PS: I hope I am not violating any copyright law by putting the retweets of SRK and PN here....

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