Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Restaurants’ Reviews

Medici @ 100ft Indira Nagar: The place is real nice, sat near the window to overlook the 100ft road. Music and ambience is good, even the service is fine. However the food was just average and disappointed me to a bit. Starting with a French onion soup which was alright, followed by bruchetta - which was good. Ordered innocent passion which was an ok mocktail. The main course was Tagliatelle pasta (putt something) - poor as Salt was missing :( and anyone who eats or cooks knows the value of salt in any dish. and yes the vegetarian options are pretty less!! Can't comment about the non veg dishes. Overall 3 off 5, Prices -Average+1


100ft @100 ft Indra Nagar- have been there once (the other time doesnt count as dint eat anything there). It's a nice place...with a continental menu...I hate the small kutty television put up there as it goes against the ambience of the restaurant. I loved the food there..from the minestrone soup to the lasgana :) though i had limited options as a vegetarian. Overall 4 off 5 (yes watching TV affects ur grades ;)) Prices- Average+1


Kormanagala BBQ nation: I heard about BBQ nation in Chennai and its famous kababs there. But being a veggie i was scared of the only good non veg options that would be available there, hence never ventured in there. Finally went to BBQ nation in kormangala for a BSchool ReU. They only have a option of Alfresco get together kind of arrangement-which implies if you are more than 10 as a group - u need to sit on rooftop. We had dinner so it wasn't too bad but i can't imagine a group outing during lunch hours..eating BBQ in sweltering heat sitting on rooftop there. Coming to the food- It was good. and the table tent card has more number of veg options as starters then non veg (brought a smile to my face and relief to me). We had the buffet. costs 475/- for veg +13.5% tax- a tad too higher -but then you have unlimited starters. They had really nice Chanaas (i am still confused what do we call it- curry or watever...). Overall: 4 off 5, Prices :Average+1



Lajawab: CMH road Indira Nagar. Went there for a family dinner on a weekend. Thankfully we arrived a little early as we dint have reservations and in sometime there was the weekend rush!! I ordered virgin mary(mocktail) which i had tried earlier and hated..Y?? coz i forgot abt it :( and realised the mistake only after seeing it:( The food was good. We had naans/parothas/kulchas all were fine. The curries were good too. Service is ok. Sitting area is very small which makes the place very crowded and difficult to move around even for servers. The ambience is average as the place is decoed with luxury style (some touches). I hate those mostly as they give me doubts about the cleanliness of the place. Overall: 4 off 5, Prices:; Average



Shamiyana @ Splendid boutique hotel, Indira nagar: This is one of the places we have been to twice in less than 2 months- means this is good :) both occasions with the family. They have menu from Indian/Chinese and Italian. Had a full north Indian meal on first occasion and pasta on the second. Both days it was good. However the soups on second occasion weren't so great(they were good on first)- tomato had loads of cream and sweet corn wasn't great either. The sitting is fine but the service is average. On both occasions there was no other customer for the whole time we were there- may be it's not yet known yet or people aren't liking it much. We found it by accident. The menu offers a huge non veg variety which I have no clue of. Overall: 4 off 5, Prices: Average


  1. Nice. Blogging, finally. You seem to be visiting restaurants in Indira nagar only.
    Btw... I love Barbeque Nation. The kababs- veg and non veg are yummy.

  2. This is a post I started typing wen u visited ;)
    Yups let me first get Indiara nagar ones- BTW there is a kormangala one too...