Friday, April 30, 2010

When I first met Internet

browsing through i came across a website(blog) which started in 1999 exactly the year when i opened my first account on yahoo and was trying to know whats INTERNET!!
Just some feelings that crawl up after coming across such a thing:
-> i hv been too far behind in knowing whats actually happening in the world.
-> a bit wierd amusing/irritating/depressing feeling.
-> wat all i cud hv done but i cudn't :(

Some things have same principles since then like when the author points out in a post :: Web has standards too.

"WSJ [subscription required] - "'When you redesign a Web site, you're putting everything at risk,' says Mr. Reiss. 'It's not just content; the functionality changes. If we redesigned the magazine [ESPN The Magazine], I wouldn't be worried about people knowing how to use the magazine.'" Ummm....Mr. Reiss....there are some standards when it comes to web design, and most visitors know how to use the web. A well-designed site should have an interface so intuitive that the first-time user, or the fiftieth-time user should be able to locate the desired functionality"

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