Monday, September 20, 2010

yet to come up

Couple of posts to write:

1. twitter new vs. facebook
will write once my account is given the new twitter- but initially it looks trying to be a me too amongst other platforms..too much to see :(
as pritish nandy said on twitter today :
**For many of us who cant sit in a cafe in Nice or Cannes and watch the world go by, twitter is the place. Dont make it Shoppers Stop.

2. IBOSRC- one of the counted few seminars i attended and not slept thru

3. forgot others..
keeping the list here so i remember to blog abt it and dont just shy away form doing so...

4. and yeah something abt food and type of people!! and services at outlets :(


  1. Now you are blogging about what you are going to blog??? How about actually putting up the posts?

  2. Waiting for the posts! :-)

  3. @Buls: thats trailer ;)
    @giribala: coming soon...twitter isnt giving me the new features :(
    the others next weekdays:)