Friday, September 24, 2010

i gave an interview!!! ;)

I have been wanting to start a professional blog for so long..
its so harmless u see...therz no one whom i can dump my knowledge on as of now..its a gud way to share my gyan/observations/analysis on professional front which noone would pay to listen to..
There are a couple of things which stopped me though:
what's the point in creating a new domain adding to the clutter and not having regular updates(as my exp from this blog)
so i got a tweet recently which goes like this..

kreative_en @itsrt Geben Sie uns ein Interview? click:

and i goo..translated it and it read...give us an inteview...ha ha ha!!

it felt god send(though the website is called - a soical networking site for creative professionals) i dont have to create a separate blog and can share my ideas (that too easy guided through questions) for the time being(laziness again)

So here I have dumped a initial view of my marketing thoughts


gud idea is its editable by me at any i can modify my knowledge :)

yeah yeah this is my blog and i will blow my trumpet here :)

Then i went to the forums(which i havent been able to make use of
in any of the professional networks due to many irrelevant questions)
..well got disappointed here as well...

also have a lot of suggestions for the whohub guys..from navigation to content organisation... not posting here as it doesnt make sense (will write to them :))

and yeah m writing this post coz m elated after giving a professional interview(choosing and ttyping the answers myself doesnt count as dampeners):)


  1. Very interesting. Glad you finally found something you were looking for. I have also registered myself. Will create my interview later :)
    Thanks for the link ;)

  2. lakh lakh badhaiyaan :)

  3. @sumit: wats intersting - the interview or the site??
    @Disha: :) thnx!

  4. @giribala: thnx!