Thursday, October 14, 2010

yesterday & today

taking shobha de off my blog roll! she wants a biography of modi- yet anthr mein kempf...
my belief in her words is going down alomst every passing day except a few occurences...
yesterday day sounded hopeful and happy with india striking gold in athletics(relay) and rescue of Chilean miners(i followed the process quite regularly) and today starts with this %&%* piece from De!
I am amazed by the attitude of the miners during this whole tenure- I was expecting a fight breaking out between them because they were stuck in such inhumane conditions...but thankfully nothing of the sort happened(its another story that there were many fights on the surface between their wives/mistresses/moms)..
They deserve salute...and make us believe in humanity again- we can co-exist peacefully..
A chunk of people(may be a huge chunk) have been complaining about how the whole agenda has been used for publicity by Chilean govt- my question to them is:Is it possible to do this without anyone in the world knowing??-watevr u do gets publicized. The govt.'s benefit was circumstantial - it wasn't planned. I think most of us are bunch of cynics- if the Chilean Prez wudn't have been there- we would have said apathy and wen he is there we are accusing him of taking advantage of situation(who doesnt take advantage of a situation -raise hand)..I am not siding with their govt(as i have absolutely no clue of anything in that domain). but my point is we have lost the capability of having trust in someone..and mostly reasonably.. But if want to make things better we have to start rethinking and trusting more. The Chilean prez might have been there for publicity or for watever political benefits he has been alleged against but the euphoria of rescuing human beings from such circustances cudnt have left him untouched(He is a human too).
was hooked on to "yesterday" yesterday but today that yesterday looks better!


  1. Welcome back...Relax about De... she is also a publicity seeker like everyone else

  2. Shobha De is overrated. But sometimes she does manages to write good articles or maybe she has good ghost writers!!

  3. @Bul: i knw she is like that..but kuch to kahin to koi to sahi ho!!!
    @Sjmach: Fully agree :)

  4. Nice vibrant background buddy.

  5. "today that yesterday looks better"? You are moving in a vertex of failure ... watch out : )