Friday, December 10, 2010

book reviews again

I finished the much hyped book "The Immorals of Meluha" and unfortunatley yes I think i should have taken bul's review into consideration this time..
I shud have rather gone for the palace of illusions one- Draupadi view point of mahabharat...'TIOM' aint worth 300 bucks spent on it.
If I can summarize this book in one line- its a Chetan Bhagatisation of Mythology.
The only reason this is different from any other new age indian writing(me too chetan bhagat types) is the context - of mythology which is unlike the school/college/call center everyone else is setting their story in..
I finished the book in 5-6 hours. now this guy Amish is also coming with two more in the triology - wat crap...
The narrative is like story telling by a "cool" guy who uses "chill dude" in every conversation.... a definitely avoidable book...

The book I am reading now(almost over) is "The Nordstrom Way" and yes I am enjoying it as this gives an insight of how a company can succeed for almost over a century with customer service as their main motto.
Most of the firms today can take a couple of cues from Nordstrom.
Some things that impressed me about the store itself-
the freedom given to the sales execs. They are accountable coz they are given responsibilities with power; most of the companies give responsibilities and accountabilities with little power. I prefer a company which trusts its employees.
-Another important lesson from this company is - if a firm wants loyalty it shud first trust its employees. U need to give respect to earn respect.

However this also makes Nordstrom look like a place where you are expected to do some extra hours just to mainatain a relationshop clientele. But dont most of sales people working at individual level would be doing that across industries. What stands out is - Nordstrom enables its employees to do that whereas most of the others dont. Somehow the firm sounds too good to be true (the pinch of salt- the hard work) -would love to work in a company like this or SEMCO - which gives similar and enuf freedom to its employees and trusts them.


  1. Lol... I told you so. SEMCO sounded too good to be true.

  2. Glad to read the reviews - will not read any of these books : )