Monday, December 20, 2010

positive Malling

as their claims go Mantri Square at Malleswaram in Bangalore is the biggest mall in India..before that i knew Ambi mall in Gurgaon to be the one and some ppl still argue its larger...
So anyways it was a shame that i din't visit it even after its opening couple of months ago...
my wish was fulfilled yesterday wen we went for a family outing at the mall ...and yes was I impressed by the this was like some really gud space wid loads of options!!!
This was the biggest mall I ever it felt gud..we cudnt cover even half of it properly with only 5-6 hours at hand including lunch...which brings me to the review of the another thing I wanted to try- Rajdhani restaurant from Mirah group. Rajdhani is famous for its veg thali west india style and i have heard rave reviews about it from couple of people..its a different matter that since the time it has come as a vendor in my office the reviews inside and oustide dont match..
Anyhow we had a decent lunch - nothing worth the overall hype- the price was reasonable 300/- for a thali ..
10 bowls in an oval shape plate with free refills of butter milk...
The food was average - ambience was okay. I have heard that the waiters there don't call out and create no noise but my experience here was different. Even though here also they talked in sign language but the effect was missing :(
The service was poor as we were kept waiting for a refill of curries/dals/rice almost everything...
I guess the other outlets of same are better..
need to visit the mall again explore more

My rating of Rajdhani - average.


  1. Did u know there is yet another mall in Chennai called the Express Avenue.
    It is located right next door to the Club Mahindra Office.

    And talking about your West Indian style Thali....I remember eating in a similar resto in Jaipur, where all the bowls were unlimited and the waiters all called themselves by snapping their fingers...I thought it was odd then....

  2. Hey... we were planning to go to Mantri Mall but headed to Forum instead. Will check it out next time. Rajdhani is ok types.. it is famous 'coz it is a chain. There are better thali restaurants in ahmedabad at half the price. I think 300 bucks is a little on the higher side

  3. Haven't been to blore for such a long long time! Do not know how I am going to finish all this 'site-seeing' once there : )