Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Veg Edge- Cream Center- Review

A quick review for the restaurant i had been waiting to visit in Bangalore- Cream Center which i had tried couple of times in Chennai.
As i mentioned in my earlier post I was so looking forward to its opening in Bangalore - and that too near my house; I finally managed to go there only after 2 months of its opening.
But yeah was I happy!!
I was delighted and more elated to see the place being approved by the whole family all of whom have varied tastes.You see earlier I had dragged them to South Indies and we were all kinds disappointed there :-/ so getting a victory after felt really good.

The complex in which the restaurant is located is still under construction & the restaurant which is at the second floor is the only fully functional outlet there. When we stepped out of the lift (you know stairs r dirty with cement and dirt) we were greeted with a stench of stale water, they have a fountain where the water hasn't been changed for a long time. Thankfully that was the only disappointment as we could walkin without a reservation there and easily got a table. I am sure this is going to end pretty soon when the building gets completed both coz the place is good and there is a severe dearth of fine dining restaurants for veggies in bangalore. Thats the only thing where its behind Chennai and reaching one end of city to another :)!

Now coming to the restaurant the chennai ones felt more on the casual side while the one here @100ft rd presented a more sophisticated feel. Nevertheless the food was Yuuummmm
We had the trademark onion rings, some soups( i even forgot which ones coz i wnt there 2 weeks ago- time to go again!!)
For the main course we had Paratha combos (methi and paneer), lachcha parathas with curry, Pasta and Falafel. Everyone liked their cuisine even though my sis (like me) dint njoy falafel as much.
I ordered lemon Ice tea which again wasn't gud :(

The dessert(read ice-cream) options are pretty limited and we ended up ordering triple chocolate sunday(the exact name may be different) but it wasn't good :(
The meal for 6 costed us around 2300 not expensive

The bathroom is clean and very well maintained(so +10)

Verdict: 4/5 go there for soups, starters and main course! I am going soon again...


  1. this the place u wanted to take me the next time I come to B'lore? :)

  2. Nopes nt this one- thats Italia (erstwhile Little Italy) bang opposite 100ft..
    I cant commit such a sin to suggest a veg restaurant for ur meal :)

  3. How thoughtful of you....but I remember you insisting that we go to a veg resto the next was wondering if this was the one.. :)

  4. I m considerate I Knw :)