Friday, February 04, 2011

yes OR no

I will be lucky or i might not...
I will get it or i will not...

Watever happens there is no third option so why worry too much! Life is binary.


  1. Very insightful : )

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    You are talking of third option? In reality, there is no option at all. If you believe in destiny, then you know that its all decided right in the beginning. If you believe in spirituality and God, then you know the reality of life is in escaping from such dualities and getting to a point of absoluteness oneness. Either ways, the question of options should not be asked at all.

  3. @prashant: :)
    @anon: U never knw; atleast i dont - so I make my destiny with choices i make which can be either yes or no!

  4. Anonymous2:11 PM

    life is binary.... what a communist way of looking at things! Neways goodluck and hope its a 1 and not a 0 ...


  5. life is not binary but you are right when you say that there is no point is worrying :)

  6. @RaamPyari- it is in some cases :)
    @K.C. Thanks!!