Friday, March 11, 2011

Ephemeral Life

Japan gets hit by an earthquake of 8.9 Richter scale. People would have lost their lives, friends, families and possessions they worked really hard for.
What is the point in trying too hard to earn material gains when they take away your time from a loved one’s share, you aren’t going to carry it with u afterlife and it can be easily stolen, washed away. If you are left with a life without your car and your friend whom would u miss more, on whom would you have wished to spent more time and care earlier? For me it would be the friend but then again a friend’s memory is harder to be taken away while a car’s is easier.
Now if I have spent more time for my car or other materialistic achievements it would have eaten away my time from my near/dear ones which in turn would have left less attached feelings and thus lesser pain. The car by itself could be bought again so it doesn’t really hurt and keeps us safe from emotional tragedies as well. But then working for a car, would that be worth calling a life?

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