Saturday, June 04, 2011


so often i have and am sure all of us have heard life is full of compromises rather life is a compromise!
But is it really so?
Yes I make a compromise when i go to buy a dress coz sometimes its too expensive or sometimes i dont get the colour i want!
I would hv compromised sometimes in choice of job - agree to the second best..
but do we really have to make a compromise for everything in every relation as well?
And what if we compromise and the person for whom we compromised doesnt even realise that...they take it that if they bent a little it will be a mega compromise and if you do it for them its your choice??
Are some relations so important that we compromise our wishes for someone who doesnt even acknowledge it and doesnt even give a thought of doing the same??
I dont think so!

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  1. I completely agree with you but isn't it better to talk to that person and know other side of story as well..May be 'mega compromise' we are talking about is not really mega.
    For me 'compromise' doesn't really work. If you are not really convinced with your decision, better not take it. It may hurt for short time, but it will be better choice for long run.