Saturday, May 28, 2011

some reviews..

after a long hiatus where nothing mega major happened except a job change..I am back.
In the time gone by I read sherlock homes, joined a new job, ate out (very less) and generally got tired doing nothing big.
Its no point reviewing a sherlock holmes so let me review the new rajasthani place called NH8 and Adiyar bhavan in indira nagar.
NH8: its what most of non local IT folks in bangalore think about. Started by a few young guys[m somehow sure they were in IT] this is a 3 mnths old restuarant in Indira Nagar 80ft road. We went there as my sis had been saying so for a long time...So the whole family went out one saturday.
The decor is good but too little light,i somehow like a place with more lights- not just because I want to see what I am eating but in general I am more comfortable with lights on..
The only option there is a thali, no complaints here.
The welcome drinks are good- chhanch and jaljeera.
The traditional Dal baati churma is good and almost everyone had multiple servings of Churma. Rest of the food is average and the team is new so the system isnt so efficient especially on weekends(my guess).
We checked with them and found out that they are still experimenting with the menu which is a good thing and i hope they keep some flexibility.
The restaurant does have a marketing manager as well - i am assuming that its one of the 2-3 founders who replies to ur comments on burp and other food review sites. If this continues may be this will become their USP ;)

Talking about Rajasthani food, there is another one called Chowka at Thippasandara near indira nagar. I have their food 3 times till now and havent been able to formulate a confirm opinion about them. First time we visited the place the kadhi and churma were gud, second and third time when we ordered home delivery something else was gud. So its a tuf thing to finally say one thing about it. About the resturant the seating and all is a bit conjusted and decor is alright.

The service for both the restaurants is just about average, both of them can be tried out definitely.

Now about the so famous Adiyar bhawan at Indira Nagar. It was a major disappointment. The food was bad, place was crowded, service was okay. Bathrooms non enterable!
Why dont these guys understand that not everyplace can be sarvana bhawan and i never understand how these places become so famous.


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I am sure bathrooms is non-enterable only for girls. That's how it is in most places

  2. @Anon: non enterable means non enterable!