Thursday, August 09, 2012


Finally I managed to finish the "The Great Indian Novel", and "Dork part 2" . First one i appreciate mostly, though its not a great read , sometimes overbearingly boring that's why it took me months to actually finish it. As one of my colleagues put it - its an intelligent read and yeah i guess that's why i appreciated it - because of the intelligence it reflects on part of the author. The book sometimes get un-putdownable and sometimes un-pickable, talk about contradictions! The story so nicely weaves two great Indian epics- modern Indian history and mahabharata its simply brilliant. Worth a read definitely.

Dork part 2 (i don't remember the name) : why does everyone wants to be a Chetan Bhagat -typically divided into 3 parts - initial introductory light weight , middle heavy weight where everything that can go wrong goes wrong and the concluding happy ending! Its sooooo boring - why cant there be some other way of ending things - and yeah it would be really brilliant if any IT support staff can get into a mega bank with some false resume- i don't think these kind of writers think anything of their audience!

In Dire need of good reads !

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