Thursday, October 18, 2012

cribs of recent origins mostly

have been observing and thinking off late a lot about hospitality in travel and tourism industry in saada desh - thanks to the extensive travel i have done over the last 3 months...

- The best hospitality so far - Hotel Sayaji in Indore where you do a check in after getting inside the room instead of waiting outside at the reception for 10 min. However their food doesn't match the expectations set by its old patrons or being the most renowned one in a location like indore[known for food].
- Best room so far - that's a debate and i never understand why hotel rooms have such thin walls!?
- Worst possible tea/coffee - lemon tree at Delhi, And they also win the worst hotel opinion according to me- from food to room everything sucks big time!!

And since i have been mostly travelling Indigo all my comments are related to it in air travel.
- If my company has opted for a complimentary meal plan with Indigo its not my fault or my sleep's fault that the hostess has to come and wake me up every time i fall asleep. Trust me I know when I want to eat something and I don't want them to force feed me!
- The rudeness meter of the hostesses is always on the rise -- to the point as if they have paid me money to travel and are giving me or any other passenger a huge favour
- I really don't give a hoot and cant care less about where the hostesses belong to - all i want is a peaceful flight as much as possible in the little cramped space that i get
- and what's with the hostesses running on the aisle every now and then...?
- and what's with telling "humari swaadisht jalpaan seva" where the only edible item are dried fruits which can't be spoiled really
- Speaking of food has anyone noticed the kind of idiotic descriptions on the packaging - "every sandwich has a story" or "magic rice biryani" - really irritatingly stupid. speaking of stories everyone in every product has a story in the current jargons within advertising space!! i can buy something without a story as well!!
- best flight on time - yeah and the number of people who manage that and make passengers suffer can be a post of its own!!
- and how can i forget - i ensure most of the time to use the washroom in the airports as the flight toilets are so poooorly managed!
- yeah but i will still fly Indigo - because I have no other option :( :(

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