Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No P(l)eace to write! and a review.

A turmoil is either a source of incessant writing or it brings down the writing capability to none..
For me the second case holds true.
The last few months have had so many changes - still on that I couldn't bring myself to write- that doesn't mean i had nothing to write - infact i added a post on my professional blog after more than a year but to write what I am feeling is completely different.
SO to revamp my blog I will take baby steps- first is to write a review - no book review as I am not even reading right now.
Its a review of the bollywood latest flick - Shudh Desi Romance.
I felt it a worthy (compared to others which are one time watch due to lack of options) one time watch as the story intrigues if you do not know what is happening next. In most of the movies that we see nowadays you can tell the within 10 minutes of beginning of it.
So on that front - keeping the audience guessing a little this movie scores, the plot doesn't really have lose ends which makes the movie good to watch with your mind inside your head.
The actors are good, I really liked Sushant Singh rajput whom i found boring in his TV soap ( I haven't watched Kai Po Che- hated the book).
Parineeti is much better than Priyanka in her second movie itself and the third actress is an average though I will never figure out the reason for why she returned to pursue the guy who ditched her on the marriage stage.
The storyline is good but with some facts away from reality- a casual live-in relation is questioned and refused even in bigger cities like bangalore, chennal,mumbai; how will it be so feasible in Jaipur.
Otherwise the outlook of youth toward marriage and relations is quite refreshing and good to watch.
Overall a good bollywood movie after a long time so Definitely worth watching! My rating 4 of 5.

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  1. Good to see you back in action :)