Friday, June 17, 2011

brutal death.

That Horrendous creature death..i hate it...
even though i know that death is surety i still hate it.
and y does it not happen to those who don't have anyone to cry behind..why ppl die who don't deserve to?!
...if Dec2012 comes as a doomsday it will be a great relief! No more crying for a loved one lost or a see a sad suffering!


  1. Hey, is everything alright?

  2. yup lost someone close! so the sadness.

  3. I am sorry :( ..May god give you enough strength to go through this peacefully.

  4. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Death mostly happens to people who leave pain for others behind.. Now! Is that a mistake of death? Or its the mistake of people who choose to have so many attachments/relationships?

    When we know that one day we are going to die, is it possibe to live a detached life in such a way that people around you acknowledge your presence but dont miss your absence? If your answer is NO, then dont question death anymore.. :)

  5. @Disha: Thanks :)
    @ Anon: what if the answer is yes and what if that is how life should be lived or we should strive to live?
    BTW your thoughts are confusing - if we have attachments then all the more reason for us to question death....

  6. Anonymous10:59 PM

    I am sorry for the confusion. I seem to be painfully good at it.. years back I had similarly confused someone into 'unfortunately' falling in love with me..
    BTW, Sometimes even clarity of expression dies, ability to articulate dies.. there are failures or shocks that hit us so bad that it kills us from deep within. How bad is a death of body compared to death of the soul within a living body?

  7. @Anon: that's a way of looking at it. But as time heals almost everything, most of the things that leaves us dead from within can be healed to an extent. Also when i am despising a death of someone i am looking at it from the perspective of a near one and being selfish in a sense, who doesn't want to lose the person whichever state they may be in.

  8. Anonymous9:01 PM

    RT - I apologize I should have left this message before any of my other comments. I am deeply sorry for the loss you suffered. Pray that God gives you the strength to live through the sadness. Plz dont mistake my comments as any personal remark on your state of mind - It was just a general speculation thats all. Thanks for your responses.

  9. @anon: as i said earlier time is helping me through this as well :)
    Thanks for ur condolences!

  10. Yes madam! Time indeed is an incredible factor in our lives. It creates the canvas of past, present and future in our lives and allows us to color them as we wish.

    We think Time is not a friend as it never stops to let us breathe.. but its ceaseless movement helps in so many ways - gives us a chance to brush aside failures and start afresh, helps to heal the wounds of losses, helps to wash away bad memories by constantly bringing in new events, and all the while also continously unraveling an exciting future filled with new possibilities.

    May you find peace!

  11. Anonymous11:26 AM

    May your blog too RIP!