Friday, December 23, 2011

Wake me up when life comes

hate hate hate when life is routine... and that's what it is now... I njoy a job which entails atleast some amount of travelling which makes me atleast move around to break the monotony of office... however unliked by people around me this atleast lets me talk to different people!! coz friends are either busy within themselves or hardly have much new updates as they too have fallen into the trap of routine.. Personally no changes and things are hanging mid air in office!! waiting for them to get in place to find something worth is challenging but not moving... aah the inertia in a big organization!! :-/ *** No Christmas or new year plans ..just waiting for it to pass so I get back to some format!! yeah contrasting to last complain but that's how things are..we always look forward to a date or event, it passes and then we search again...what next!! ********** On another note have to go to Chennai soon apparently to meet the tax person for my 2007-08 filing!! amazing how fast these departments are!! I HATE TAXES AND PAPER WORK!!! *************** I drove! the only silver lining among the dark clouds of boredom! :) trying to get the hang of driving traffic :)

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